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  • How The Heroin Crisis Is Straining Foster Care

    BY : Dr. John DeGarmo Leading Expert in Parenting and Foster Care Heroin is unraveling families across the nation, and it is our children who are left as innocent victims of this drug and opioid epidemic. Make no mistake; the heroin crisis in America is destroying our families. From 2000 […]

  • Homeless Teens Are 3 Times More Likely To Attempt Suicide

    By : Eleanor Goldberg “The stark differences between homeless teens and their housed peers are cause for alarm,” researchers say. The number of homeless public school students has hit a record high in recent years, and their unstable living conditions are putting their lives at risk, a new report concludes. […]

  • Steph Curry Helps Donate Thousands Of Shoes To Kids In The Motherland

    By : Zahara Hill NBA superstar Steph Curry recently partnered with friend and Kick’n It for a Cause founder Chris “COSeezy” Strachan to help gather more than 20,000 sneakers for kids in the motherland. On Wednesday, Curry spoke at Strachan’s alma mater Liberty University. The school hosted a shoe drive […]

  • This Lesbian’s Boss Walked Her Down The Aisle After Her Dad Refused To

    Taiwan is expected to become Asia’s first nation to recognize same-sex marriage by the end of the year . On Valentine’s Day, HSBC Bank in Taiwan released a heartwarming  video that told the real-life story of how the bank’s country CEO, John Li, walked one of his employees down the […]