Hints From Heloise : No-stress bath

By : Heloise

Dear Readers : My mother, the original Heloise (1919-1977), published a book titled  Hints for Working Women” in 1970! She was a big advocate for working women taking care of themselves.

A solid hint from this book? Straight from her mouth! “Take an hour for yourself. Make sure hubby and kids will be okay — send them off to the park, the mall or to the movies, and then settle in. Draw a warm (not hot) bath and jump in, slather on your fave facial moisturizer, and relax. After several minutes, scrub your feet to revive them. This is a luxury, and a necessity. The new refreshed you will be all the better to care for your family!” Heloise, the original

From daughter Heloise: I agree! So much is going on today, we all need and should have some “alone” time. Even if you have to go sit in the car, on the stoop or hide out in the bathroom.

Dear Readers : A reader, via email, sent a picture of his pet pig and his cat, who seem to be the best of friends! To see them, visit Heloise.com and click on “Pet of the Week.”

Want to share your furry and funny friend? Email Heloise@Heloise.com.

Dear Readers: Owning a pet is wonderful, and pet animals and humans can share a very special bond. Pets can provide love and companionship for people of all ages. Mine do!

Pet owners generally get more exercise from walking a dog or playing with Fido or Floppy.

Kids, especially those without siblings, benefit from pet ownership. Pets teach kids empathy and how to be social and active, especially if they are fun creatures.

And seniors can thrive! Dogs and cats help older folks around the house, while having the responsibility of caring for a four-legged friend gives them a sense of responsibly.

Visit the shelter and adopt a four-legged friend. “Woof, woof” from Chammy and Henry VIII, both adoptees.

Dear Readers : Sometimes when I order flowers online for friends, I order for me, too. This way I’ll know exactly what the order looks like. I’m generally impressed with the flowers, but sometimes not.

I snap a picture of the flowers right out of the box to document what they looked like on arrival. If they “poop out” before they were supposed to, I email the vendor with the photo. This is especially important when using a new-to-me vendor; otherwise, I trust the site I’ve used before. Most sellers want to know how the product arrived.


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