This Lesbian’s Boss Walked Her Down The Aisle After Her Dad Refused To

Taiwan is expected to become Asia’s first nation to recognize same-sex marriage by the end of the year .

On Valentine’s Day, HSBC Bank in Taiwan released a heartwarming  video that told the real-life story of how the bank’s country CEO, John Li, walked one of his employees down the aisle at her wedding. The bride’s father had apparently declined to do so because he will not acknowledge his daughter’s relationship with another woman.
Although Wong Ka Ying identified as Jennifer , has been in a relationship with her now-wife, Sam, for 11 years, she say her family won’t acknowledge it. Noting that she considered “faking” a heterosexual marriage for her father’s sake, Jennifer added, “My parents have stopped communicating with me and will not come to my wedding.”
From a legal perspective, their union is purely symbolic. “This wedding is really for the [LGBTQ] community,” Jennifer said. “We hope our action will encourage people and create respect among different communities.”

Previously, HSBC has gone to great lengths to show support for its LGBTQ employees and the queer community at large. In November 2016, the company installed two rainbow lions  in front of its Hong Kong office for a “Celebrate Pride, Celebrate Unity” campaign.
“Having a workforce that reflects the diversity of our millions of customers in Hong Kong and which draws on a wide range of perspectives makes us better able to serve the whole community,” HSBC spokesman Adam Harper told AFP at the time.